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The Caves Of Androzani was Peter Davison's finale as the fifth Doctor. Dying of Spectox Toxaemia, he reaches the TARDIS and gives the antidote to Peri. There is only enough to save one of them. As death approaches, the fifth Doctor's body starts to regenerate. Peri is helpless as the unpredictable effects of regeneration result in a sudden explosion of colours and the sixth Doctor is seen for the first time. From the outset it is clear that the sixth incarnation of the Time Lord's body will be the polar opposite of his last persona. "Three I's in one breath..." he comments to his stammering companion. "Makes you sound a rather egotistical young lady!" Peri is confused at what she has just seen. Looking straight to the viewing audience he boldly enlightens her: "Change my dear. And it seems not a moment too soon !"

And so begins the reign of Doctor No. 6 The Caves Of Androzani proved to be the finest hour of Peter Davison's fifth Doctor, and the regeneration gave it the climax this story deserved. Check it out.


The Caves Of Androzani is available on BBC DVD: As a standalone release (Regions 1, 2 & 4) and also in a Special Edition as part of the 'Revisitations 1' box set (Regions 1, 2 & 4). The SE is also available individually in R1.

The Doctor (Peter Davison) and Peri (Nicola Bryant) become embroiled in an underground war of gun running and drug smuggling shortly after landing on the planet Androzani Minor. Apprehended by the military, they are rescued from execution by brilliant but horribly disfigured criminal Sharaz Jek, whose infatuation with Peri looks set to be cut short when he discovers that both she and the Doctor have contracted the deadly disease Spectrox Toxaemia. The only possible cure is the milk of the queen bat, which dwells in the caves currently being roamed by the killer Magma Creature...

Thanks go to the Potteries Prydonians - Steve Worman and Paul Wood - for their help, Ron Brunwin for supplying artwork and Garry Jones for being a regular stalwart of the news section.
Extra special thanks go to the mighty Colin Baker himself for casting his mind back and helping catalogue his career.