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Way back in 1993 when Doctor Who was celebrating it's 30th anniversary, fans were getting pretty excited. With the Doctor Who series off air for four years BBC Worldwide announced that they would be making a special anniversary story to be released straight to video which would feature all five surviving Doctors at that time - Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. If that wasn't enough, Graeme Harper (a firm fan favourite) was to direct this milestone in Doctor Who's long history. Wow ! It was the kind of gift that no Doctor Who fan had dared dream about... The script was being written by longtime fan Adrian Rigelsford and would centre around the fourth Doctor who is stopped from regenerating by a creature made of 'chronal energy' thus trapping him in a 'dark dimension'. The special was to have featured Sophie Aldred as Ace, Nicholas Courtney as The Brigadier and villains galore: Ice Warriors, Cybermen, Yeti and of course the Daleks.

Sadly fans' excitement was short lived. Politics within the BBC saw the Drama Department objecting to BBC Worldwide producing original drama. In addition, the other Doctors - particularly Jon Pertwee - were not happy that Tom Baker was to get the lions share of the feature length adventure. And so the project was shelved... and Doctor Who fans around the globe sobbed, and then got very angry with the BBC !!! The only person to have come out of it unscathed seemed to be Tom Baker who, having signed his contract, still got paid his (reputed) 20,000 fee for doing very little.

All the Doctor's eventually appeared in John Nathan-Turner's EastEnders related Children In Need romp DIMENSIONS IN TIME but it was scant reward for the glorious celebration that had been promised. Jon, Peter, Colin and Sylvester also appeared together in a BBV eco-drama THE AIRZONE SOLUTION produced by Bill Baggs and released independantly on video.

The Dark Dimension remains legend in the history of Doctor Who as being the greatest multi Doctor story that never was.

Thanks go to the Potteries Prydonians - Steve Worman and Paul Wood - for their help, Ron Brunwin for supplying artwork and Garry Jones for being a regular stalwart of the news section.
Extra special thanks go to the mighty Colin Baker himself for casting his mind back and helping catalogue his career.