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"Dimensions In Time" was made especially for the BBC's Children In Need appeal and to celebrate Doctor Who's 30th anniversary in 1993. Colin joined Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy in playing the Doctor - although none of them would be seen on screen together. The convoluted plot saw weird happenings in Albert Square, an excuse for the cast of EastEnders to get in on the act too. With part one running 7 mins 38 secs and part two clocking off at 5 mins 28 secs, this was indeed Doctor Who through the kaleidoscope. It finally gave the sixth Doctor a chance to meet The Brigadier albeit very briefly on screen. As a piece of drama it has very little merit, although it is noticeable for gathering together so many Who alumni. The official BBC documents accompanying this programme read: "NB This material can never be used on air again." Tragic but perhaps ultimately for the best. Unfortunately this is also the last screen appearance on television of the sixth Doctor. We live in hope that perhaps one day he might visit us again.

COLIN BAKER ONLINE RATING 4/10 (for gathering so many classic Who actors together. The story gets nil)

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