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Where as Timelash turned out to be a low point of season 22, the finale Revelation of the Daleks proved to be perhaps the finest screen story during the sixth Doctor's all to short reign on our screens. Eric Saward's black comedy is the heart of a tale of horror. It marks the coming of age of Terry Molloy's Davros. Here, masquerading as The Great Healer in the catacombs of Necros, Molloy steps up a gear. Throwing off the spectre of Michael Wisher, he makes Davros his own. Endowing the crippled Kaled with the laughter of a psychopath, whilst plotting a new breed of loyal Daleks from the bodies of those interned in Tranquil Repose. The supporting cast is first class in every respect. Lead by Eleanor Bron's scheming Kara, William Gaunt's noble Orcini, - Grand Knight of the Order of Oberon - with his smelly squire Bostock, Clive Swift as the flirtatious embalmer Jobel and Alexei Sayle making the most of his retro DJ. The direction from Graeme Harper is particularly spectacular, showing that his previous turn at the helm (Caves of Androzani) was no fluke. The Doctor and Peri are noticeably in the background for more of the story than is usual, however as the momentum picks up in part two, Baker and Bryant make sure they are not left behind among the quality actors around them. Much has been said of Jenny Tomasin's lacklustre Tasambeker but it is an otherwise small blip in a story of this quality.

Just as Doctor Who had received it's first rap on the knuckles via the infamous 18 month 'hiatus', Revelation proved that when on form there is no other show that could touch it.


The Great Healer. His head is spinning.

Stengos. Half man - half Dalek. Or Nick Briggs as it is also called.

Orcini and Bostock. They are just friends. Apparently.

Kara and Vogel - a past master at the double entry. Hmmm....

"I think you two need the Hyde Fundraisers meeting, first on the left."

The Doctor gets on his knees, prepared to do anything to avoid the wrath of The Great Healer !

Until we meet again for the Big Finish....

Revelation Of The Daleks is available on BBC DVD. Individually (Regions 1, 2 & 4) and as part of two box sets: The Complete Davros Collection and The Dalek Collection, a limited edition box set available exclusively from Amazon (both sets Regions 2 & 4).

The Doctor and Peri arrive on Necros to attend the funeral of an old friend of the Doctor who has recently died. However, Tranquil Repose is not all it seems and an attempt is made on the Doctor's life. Soon the Doctor comes face to face with the Great Healer, only to discover it is none other than Davros, the creator of the Daleks, intent on rebuilding the Dalek race decimated by the Movellans.

Thanks go to the Potteries Prydonians - Steve Worman and Paul Wood - for their help, Ron Brunwin for supplying artwork and Garry Jones for being a regular stalwart of the news section.
Extra special thanks go to the mighty Colin Baker himself for casting his mind back and helping catalogue his career.