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Timelash is a bit of an oddity. A completely studio bound production which nobody will admit to having a fondness for. Glen McCoy's script is a sound enough one, having the Doctor and Peri arrive on Karfel after the TARDIS has been witness to a spectoral visitation. The planet is now ruled by the Borad, anyone who speaks out against his rule is thrown into the fearsome Timelash. Perhaps the greatest mistake of the story is casting one Paul Darrow as the Borad's envoy Maylin Tekker. Darrow hams it up for all it's worth, refusing to give the character any depth and indeed looks throughout as if he is sending the whole thing up. The production values are not great either The stark white set of Karfel is too clinical, failing to produce any visual atmosphere at all. It would seem that the production is paying the price for all the money spent on the lavish Two Doctors before it. The guest cast (apart from Darrow) are sound enough, and Robert Ashby is definately up there with the all time most evil voices of the past 40 years. His Borad is one of the real saving grace's of the show.

Not the worst DW story of all time, but far from it's best either.


The news is relayed to Colin that Paul Darrow is the guest star !

The full horror is confirmed. Paul Darrow playing Richard III playing Maylin Tekker.

"It's good to see you again Bayban, you haven't changed a bit."

The Borad wanted only the best for Peri.

"Don't give me attitude Doctor !"

Timelash is available on BBC DVD: (Regions 1, 2 & 4).

On the planet Karfel a high ranking official, Maylin Tekker, uses threats against Peri to force the Doctor (Colin Baker) to go to Earth and bring back a young woman called Vena who, while holding a precious amulet, has accidentally fallen into the Timelash - a time tunnel through which the planets tyrannical ruler the Borad banishes all rebels.

The Doctor also inadvertently brings back Herbert, a man from the 19th Century, who stows away aboard the TARDIS.

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