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The Brothers Companion was released in 2021 and is a retrospective of the series including contributions from many cast memebers including Colin Baker, Jennifer Wilson, Julia Goodman and Robin Chadwick. Click on the cover for ordering details








A number of novelisations based on THE BROTHERS scripts were released to capitalise on the success of the series in the mid-1970's. The covers are reproduced here. Second hand copies can usually be found by searching www.bookfinder.com

THE BROTHERS by Janice James
Sphere Books 1973 cover price 35p

Robert Hammond's will shocked his family. Edward, his eldest son, had expected to take control of the transport firm he had worked so hard to build. Instead he found his two younger brothers each had a share. But the greatest shock was the share granted to the dead man's mistress, Jennifer.

The power struggle that followed showed the brothers for what they were. It destroyed Brian's marriage to the desirable, wayward Ann; made Robert Hammond's widow the implacable enemy of Jennifer Kingsley; and taught Edward that he shared his father's taste in women as much as in business.

Sphere Books 1974 cover price 35p

The Hammond brothers had worked hard to build up the transport firm they inherited from their father. It had cost Brian his marriage and now it looked as though Edward's affair with his fellow director Jennifer was over.

David was planning to marry Jull and the brothers were forced to rely upon her money to buy out ruthless Australian, Harry Carter, who threatened to take over the firm.

Sphere Books 1974 cover price 40p

The Hammond brothers' transport firm was expanding fast: an expensive advertising programme and a new inter-continental depot were both under discussion.

But success brought it's own problems. Brian eyed his older brother's position with an envy that blinded him to wife Ann's growing passion for advertising agent Nick Fox.

David, youngest of the brothers, found his marriage threatened by an old mistress. And their personal arguments looked as though they might shake the firm apart when their fellow-director, Jennifer, considered selling her shares.

A PUBLIC AFFAIR by Lee Mackenzie
Sphere Books 1975 cover price 50p

Hammond Transport was in chaos. Ted Hammond and Jennifer Kingsley found their marriage plans disrupted by his mother's heart attack; his brothers Brian and David, were pushing hard to 'go public'; and to make matters even worse, Jennifer was deeply attracted to Martin Farrell, the new financial wizard.

Ted Hammond engineered a board-room confrontation - and lost. His fellow directors voted him out of office as Managing Director, electing Brian in his place. But Brian had his own problems. His wife Ann was fighting hard to keep her lover, Nicholas Fox, and when he left her, she was determined to hold on to her suddenly-successful husband. Instead of a bright future they had looked forward to, the Hammond brothers faced failure.

BIG DEAL by Lee Mackenzie
Sphere Books 1976 cover price 60p

The Hammonds' expanding transport firm is rocked when Brian, now Managing Director, disintegrates along with his broken marriage and enters a mental home. David has still to recover from the tragic loss of his wife and his own feelings of guilt. Edward, now married to Jennifer Kingsley, must contend with his mother's bitter opposition, for now Jennifer wants a baby.

Occupied as they are with personal problems, the brothers leave much of the business to Paul Merroney, the city whiz-kid brought in to put the company back on it's feet. But they soon realise that his manipulations are threatening to wrest control from the Hammonds...

A CLEAN BREAKby Lee Mackenzie
Sphere Books 1976 cover price 85p

Everyone at Hammond Transport is delighted to welcome back Brian, now recovered from the nervous collapse which had lost him his seat on the board. Strangely enough, even the usually tough and unfeeling Paul Merroney is on his side. The members of the Hammond family are united, ready to fight to stop Merroney grabbing complete control of the firm.

Even Mary Hammond, is using her charm on wily old Sir Neville, and if anyone has influence over Merroney it is him. Things are just beginning to look better, more secure, when suddenly the shadow of a takeover bid looms large - threatening to swallow the small family business up into a juggernaut of industrial concern...

Thanks go to the Potteries Prydonians - Steve Worman and Paul Wood - for their help, Ron Brunwin for supplying artwork and Garry Jones for being a regular stalwart of the news section.
Extra special thanks go to the mighty Colin Baker himself for casting his mind back and helping catalogue his career.

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